$75 for a 1 hour ride   

Most of our customers have not ridden in quite a while and have us bridle, and saddle their horse and appreciate a short refresher riding lesson in our round pen. If you have never ridden or have little experience, the wrangler will show you how to control your horse (go, stop, turn) and will go with you (guided) on our ranch after you can show control in the round pen, A second hour is $50 and a third hour is $25.


$50 for a 1 hour ride  

If you saddle and bridle your own horse and demonstrate riding ability you can ride on the ranch property, the national forest or the Mickelson trail unguided. All riding on the Black Hills national forest is unguided. A second hour is $35 and a third hour is $25. Experienced riders may also request guided rides on the Mickelson trail or the ranch property for the guided rate and your horse is saddled for you.  

$700 annually (Yearly Memberships)

Ride on ranch property, the Mickelson Trail, the Black Hills Forest.

Guaranteed riding once every 10 days for half a day, year around.

Scheduling preferences over non-members. 

Riding lessons may be available from the wrangler and are independent from Hollingsworth Horses.